Aviation Refinishing Specialists


Reliable and Meticulous Aircraft Painters

At LandLocked Aviation, we provide our clients with superior aircraft refinishing services and great customer care. Our team is composed of professionals you can rely on to prep and paint your commercial, corporate,
or military aircraft.

How We Started

Founded by Tyson Grenzebach in 2009, LandLocked Aviation began as a group of friends doing contract work. An opportunity arose to acquire hangar space and they grew into a full fledged refinishing facility, developing a reputation as industry professionals providing top notch refinishing services.  We follow the Golden rule, treating others they way we want to be treated.

Today, we remain a family-oriented company. We truly care about our clients, and we strive not only to meet their expectations but also exceed them.

Our Mission/Vision

We deliver superior aircraft refinishing work while providing exceptional customer service.


Leading the Path

We are guided by our mission/vision statement as well as our core values of quality and service as we go about our daily duties. By remaining focused on our vision and remaining aligned with company values, we aim to realize our goal of being the leader in aviation refinishing services worldwide.

Ruben and Brown LL

Commitment to Quality

Quality is our main objective at LandLocked Aviation Services. Providing the absolute highest quality service is built into our mission statement and goes to the core of who we are and the reputation that we have built as a company.